15 most rare and strange diseases

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The most rare and strange diseases. Some of them sounds completely weird.

1.Progeriya. Accelerated aging process.

In the genetic code of the child found a tiny defect, but it leads to the most deplorable consequences. Accelerated aging process leads to the fact that a child with a fantastic rate developed all the signs, typical for a decrepit man: cardiovascular disease, arthritis, alopecia, osteoporosis and so on. The child usually dies early as reach 12-13 years. On Earth is currently registered with 43 people with the disease..

2.Elephant disease (elephantiasis), or lymphatic Filaree.

The excessive increase of body parts. Distributed by larval worms. As the vectors are the mosquitoes when they bite into the blood where a person gets the worm larvae. For several years, the accumulation of parasites that infect all the neighboring tissue. The patient elephantiasis prohibitively increasing arms, legs, chest and genitals.

3. werewolf syndrome, or hypertrichosis

Increased body hair. On the face begin to grow long black hair. These people resemble wolves. Hence the name of the disease.

4.Syndrome blue skin.

Hereditary disease. Entire families are known with the blue color in different shades - from blue to violet. Otherwise they were completely healthy.

5.Sindrom Alice in Wonderland.

A distorted perception of time, place and your own body. Neurological disease. Affects visual perception. All items are seen by a man who is smaller than it really is. Distorted as the distance between objects.


The desire to consume food inedible substances. Paper, charcoal, dirt, small metal objects - all of this is the subject of food interest of sick people. There are suggestions that people do not have enough minerals. But disease is not fully understood, and methods of cure does not exist yet.

7. Vampire syndrome

Manifests as an allergy to sunlight. Sunlight incident on the skin of people suffering from this disease, causes immediate appearance of painful blisters. The skin is literally "burns".

8.Sindrom a living corpse

The patient believes that died. He has positioned himself as a walking corpse. It even seems that he feels like he eats worms and how his body is rotting. The disease is dangerous because it affected people are very prone to depression and suicide.

9. Lipodistrofisis

59-year-old John Perry (John Perry) has the interesting property of the digestive system - it can have plenty of flour products, sweets, a variety of hamburgers and cheeseburgers, ice cream and drinks. In this case the weight does not increase or per kilogram (of course, not given eaten).

10.Chiari malformation

A boy named Rhett Lamb, he was 3 years, and like all his peers, he loves to play, run and perform various antics. In one the child differs from the others - he does not sleep. For 24 hours he is awake, that perplexed his parents and doctors for several years (almost from birth).

11.Aquagenic Urticaria

19-year-old girl from Melbourne named Ashley Morris can not go swimming, take a hot bath after a stressful day or just stand under the shower - she has an allergy to water. Even the sweat caused her pain.

12.Tic-Tac diet

Meet yet another victim of modern medicine and genetics - 17-year-old Natalie Cooper. She can not eat almost anything, because then she starts problems with digestion. Saves only one thing - a good portion of pills Tic-Tac. For reasons that doctors can not explain the stomach girls can not digest anything except these pills, so she has to eat special mixtures with a long tube.

13.Mnemonic Women

This is the story of a 40-year-old woman who remembered everything. If you take a random date in the past 25 years, this phenomenal woman to the smallest detail will tell you what has happened on this day, the weather around, as well as on developments in the world, which she at that time was interested.

14.Walking nightmare

Chris Sands, from the English city of Lincoln, hiccups every two seconds during the day, and very often at night, even in sleep.

15.Women and 200 orgasms a day

The Englishwoman Sarah Carmen at the age of 24 experiencing up to 200 orgasms a day. To this it may cause everything - noise of a train, walking on the rails, chugging dryer, clicks on the operating equipment, etc.

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