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Models that shows bare and dare to reveal what's on top.

The things they dare.

Showing Gio Gapas’s penis and Justin de Leon’s buttocks.
Paper faces on parade! Masquerade! Hide your face so the world will never find you! The organizer of a “bikini” contest has a problem: his weekly competition at a gay bar is attracting fewer and fewer contestants. Apparently, the boys are shying away from the contest due to the fact that patrons of the bar take photos of the contestants while they are wearing see-through fabrics . Surely, they wouldn’t want their faces plastered into some website the next day, wearing such shocking fashion. To compromise, the organizer convinced them to wear masks to hide their faces. That way, they will be emboldened behind some cover or concealment. They will only take off their masks when they are wearing jeans, bikinis or briefs that cover their privates. The boys agreed.
Okay, don’t complain. It’s just a naked guy from Discreetly by Cris Pablo. The movie’s showing on 14 April 2010 in selected theaters. The PR: Discreetly is about a gay man who is yet to come out of the closet. He’s in love with another gay man, but he doesn’t know that his mom already knows about it. Will he eventually find the courage to step out in the open? Or will he continue living life in the dark and remain unaware that his mom already knows his secret? Will he succumb to a life that society has set as moral? Or will he finally follow his heart and love freely? By the way, the naked guy’s name is Michael Chua, who has a bit role in the movie.
Controversial film director Monti Parungao is on a roll! He’s coming up with a new movie, Pulupot, which just wrapped filming a few days ago. Seen in the photo above, on a heap of flesh, are frontal nudity vet Jeff Luna and comebacking boldie Justin de Leon. The movie looks promising, so watch out for its commercial run in April.
That’s the title to the new movie by Cris Pablo under the Queeriosity Video Project.Discreetly stars bikini open vet and part-time indie actor Ivan Maxwell . Here’s the PR: Maxwell plays Cris, a man who lives and loves, just like everyone else, but in the closet. He has always been under the impression that his mom is ignorant about his being gay, until his mom finds out about it way before he intended to admit it. Witness Cris’s struggle in living a restricted life and his endeavor to come out of the closet.Discreetly opens on 14 April 2010 in selected theaters. Mark the calendars, guys! TGIF!
No, this is not about Cris Pablo’s title-controversial indie flick Chub Chaser . I just want to get your attention to make way for this announcement:
After some roast beef and steak, let’s have, uh, another kind of meat. Too much of the pretty boys in cute little shorts and flower-patterned briefs can be a bit ho-hum after a while, right? So how about some boy from the other side of town? Like this one. His name is Domar Tiongson, 23 years old and a native of Camarines Sur. The 5′7″-tall Domar used to be a performer at the now-closed Lips Bar. By the way, that’s the tip of his penis.
Butt boy is Charles Delgado and the other one’s Rain Javier, introduced as a comer in the independently produced flick SRO . The setting’s an old cinema called Maharlika, and the boys go a-hunting for sexual favors and tricks inside the dark and dingy halls. SRO is produced and directed by Cleo Paglinawan under Sunflower Films. Showing date starts on 3 February 2010 in selected theaters.
What will you do in this situation where you suddenly find a sexy hunky nekkid guy in your small bathroom emptying his bowels? Will you be disgusted? Or you’ll take a good swipe at the goods – the choad not the load, the penis not the feculence, before closing the door again? Model-athlete Andrew Wolff is sorely missed in the scene. Whatever moment, episode or spot he is in – as long as he is bareskinned, of course – is greatly appreciated.
I missed posting these photos before but just the same, I’m doing it now. It may be too late as Campus Crush, Crisaldo Pablo’s latest movie before the much-maligned-title-of-a-movie Chub Chasers, has already been shown in gay-friendly Robinsons and Isetann malls. Who knows, the DVD or VCD versions might be out anytime soon, and maybe you can grab a copy to see former Lips regular Joeffrey Javier and cute newcomer Arjay Carreon bare everything on screen. How’s that?
Boldest actor Marco Morales’s new movie Pipo is opening tomorrow, 7 October 2009. Of course, he will show a bit of skin here and some flesh there in this movie helmed by theButas and Big Night director, Alejandro Ramos. Pipo, which is the story of small-time hustlers, also stars Tyrone Perez. In November, Marco’s other movie – I Love Dreamguyz will also be screened.


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